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Barmakian Jewelers offers appraisal services on fine jewelry and estate pieces.  Our certified graduate gemologists use state of the art equipment and universal software.  Our gemologists are highly trained and continue their education to keep up with industry standards. Our evaluations are commonly used for the following purposes:

Insurance Replacement

This is our most requested type of appraisal.  It estimates the replacement cost of your jewelry with either an equivalent new item or a similar one with comparable attributes.  All major insurance companies will accept this appraisal in case of loss, damage, or theft.

Probate or Estate

This appraisal establishes fair market value of a jewelry item, usually requested by the personal representative (executor) of an estate in order to pay Federal or State taxes.

Equitable Distribution

This consists of a consultation with varying parties to assist with a fair and equitable distribution of family assets and jewelry.

Barmakian Jewelers guarantees confidentiality of all consumer information and adheres to the highest ethical practices. Our appraisal fees are competitive, while you have the convenience of waiting in our beautiful showrooms.  Please contact us by email or phone to schedule an appointment.