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Dilamani was started by two brothers, George and William Dilamani in San Francisco in 1980. They started as wholesalers of fine rubies, sapphires and rare exotic gems. Continuing in the tradition of bringing the best gemstones to the trade, in 1983, Dilamani started importing fine gemstones from Thailand & Sri Lanka and expanded their business operations into New York. Today, they're on the cutting edge of jewelry design utilizing the latest in manufacturing techniques to bring you the best in fashion forward jewelry while never losing sight of providing quality to the discerning retailers. 

Their renowned jewelry collections include The Passionate Hues Collection featuring invisible set Rainbow Sapphires, The Color Diamond Collection featuring champagne, black and white micro pave set diamonds in nature inspired patterns and our Newest creation, Gemstones in Sterling Silver! Great big looks with amazing sapphires & gemstones beautifully and dramatically set in micro pave! As purveyors of fine jewelry, Dilamani is driven to create new and fantastic jewelry experiences.

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