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 What would have happened if jewel masters of Edwardian and art deco periods would have continued their work and designed pieces that would appeal to the women of today? This question became Saturn Jewels core design philosophy when they started their bridal collection.  

Saturn's unique bridal collection has captured the hearts and minds of quality-conscious, Style savvy buyers around the country. Each piece is destined to become a classic in it is own right; a treasured heirloom that will be handed down for generations to come. 

Elegance, femininity, romance and tradition have all inspired Saturn's most enduring bridal collection to date. Inspired by an artistic blend of Edwardian and Art Déco styles , our designers created a line of bridal jewelry that is as innovative as it is timeless, and as romantic as it is free-spirited So, whether you're looking for a classic wedding set, an elegant Eternity band, or to remount a cherished center stone, Saturn Jewels has an extensive collection of semi-mounts and eternities to choose from. It's simply the most extensive "vintage" collection available anywhere.


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